Checking the Suitability of Ceramicware for use in Microwave ASTM C1607-12

Checking the Suitability of Ceramicware for use in Microwave ASTM C1607-12

ASTM C1607-12 estimates the fracture toughness of ceramic glassware to determine their suitability for use in microwaves. Critical mechanical properties like hardness, toughness and elastic modulus can be measured by the method very precisely. The ceramic glassware is also assessed for thermal shock resistance.


    ASTM C1607-12 method is a convenient tool to estimate and evaluate fracture toughness and the related mechanical parameters of the brittle materials on a small scale. It does not require a sample of a large size.

    Test Procedure:

    For ASTM C1607-12, a traverse scratch is placed in the center of the flexure specimen, and then inserted inside the bridge pre cracker with. Across the cross-section of the sample, a crack is produced and is broken to four-points flexural loading. The crack produced is analyzed on the fracture surface after the fracture happens. Fracture toughness is evaluated by checking a stress intensity shape factor, the critical crack size, and fracture force. After the fracture, a stereo optical microscope is used for testing the cracks.

    Specimen Size : 

    Sample size varies from micrometers to millimeters.


    Crack size is measured in millimeters, and the fracture force is measured in newton. The given formula calculates fracture toughness

    KIC=Yσ√ a

    Y denotes stress intensity shape factor 

    σ denotes flexure strength at fracture 

    a denotes precrack depth

    Ceramics glassware generally have lower KC values than metals and ranges from 0.6 to 0.8MPa.


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