Acid Resistance of Ceramic Decorations on Glass Containers ASTM C735

Acid Resistance of Ceramic Decorations on Glass Containers ASTM C735

ASTM C735 test method helps determine the acid resistance of ceramic decorations on returnable beer and beverage glass containers in order to ensure the decoration's essential durability. This test method is useful for the acknowledgment of technical standards.


    ASTM C735 test process checks the durability and simplicity of maintenance of ceramic decorations on returnable beer and beverage glass containers. This test indicates how well the decoration will work when exposed to acid solutions, as well as when the beverages themselves are acidic. ASTM C735 also qualitatively determines the degree of attack of a nominal 10% hydrochloric acid solution on the ceramic decorations by eye inspection. 

    Test Procedure:

    For ASTM C735, hydrochloric acid solution (HCl) is poured into a large beaker. The temperature of this solution is kept at ambient temperature (25 ± 5°C). The test specimen is then inserted into the HCl in such a way that one-half of the label is immersed and the beaker is covered. The specimen is withdrawn from the HCl after 20 minutes, rinsed with water, and properly dried. At the start and end of the test period, the temperature of the HCl is recorded.

    Specimen Size : 

    For ASTM C735, a glass container with ceramic decorations is used as a test specimen. 


    The effectiveness of ASTM C735 implies that bottles with strong acid resistance coatings have a longer shelf life. Analyzation of the intensity of HCl attack is done by using the following set of criteria:

    ▪ No signs of an attack.
    ▪ When viewed at a 45° angle, there is an appearance of stain on the surface, although it is not visible if the angle is less than 30°.
    ▪ A distinct stain that does not distort reflected light.
    ▪ Surface is dull or matte, with the possibility of chalking.


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