Burn-in Board (HAST Board)

Burn-in Board (HAST Board)

A printed circuit board known as a "burn-in board" serves as a jig during the burn-in procedure. The burn-in board is utilized as a part of the ASIC reliability testing procedure, which stresses components to find problems. The boards provide sockets for the ASICs that are being tested and are made to resist the high temperatures experienced during tests.

    Burn-in Board

    Printed circuit boards are utilized in the burn-in process and are known as burn-in boards. Extreme heat is applied to the newly inserted components on the board to stress them and reveal any flaws. Engineers review the results after the stress testing is finished to ensure that everything is operating within the specified limits.

    Burn-in boards can be utilized in testing environments like:

    • Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) 
    • Low Temperature Operating Life (LTOL) Testing
    • High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) Testing

    The materials used must be durable because the burn-in process frequently applies tremendous temperatures ranging from 125°C to 250°C or even 300°C. Typically polyamide is utilized for applications up to 250°C and IS410 for applications up to 155°C. A higher grade of polyimide is employed for temperatures beyond 250°C. Along with stainless steel board fixtures, high temperature lead-free solders are also employed.

    Materials Used in Burn-in Boards:

    • IS410
    • 370HR
    • BT Epoxy
    • Polyamide
    • Nelco 4000-13

    Burn-in Board Thickness:

    The burn-in board thickness typically ranges from 0.0625 to 0.125 inches (1.57 mm –3.17 mm).


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