Tensile Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Test by ASTM C1275

ASTM C1275 is a test method used for determining tensile behavior including tensile strength and stress strain response under monotonic uniaxial loading of continuous fiber-reinforced advanced ceramics at ambient temperature. This test method may be used for material development, material comparison, quality assurance, characterization, and design data generation.

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    ASTM C1275 testing determines the tensile strength of continuous fiber reinforced advanced ceramics at ambient temperatures. The tensile strength referred in this test is obtained under monotonic uniaxial loading. It applies to all advanced ceramic matrix composites with continuous fiber reinforcement unidirectional (1D), bidirectional (2D), and tridirectional (3D) and may also be used with glass (amorphous) matrix composites with continuous fiber reinforcement. This test method may be used for material development, material comparison, quality assurance, characterization, and design data generation.

    Test Procedure:

    ASTM C1275 test runs by gripping the sample vertically at both ends by an apparatus, which slowly pulls lengthwise on the piece until it fractures. Gage length of the specimen is in a state of uniaxial tensile stress. Both volume and surface of gage length are subjected to the same stress state which is constant throughout the gage section. Then, both volume and surface of gage section of test specimen are subjected to a state of uniform tension under monotonic uniaxial loading, i.e., continuous non stop test rate with no reversal from test till final fractures. Typically, the range of force of testing machines is 5 kN to 600 kN. The range of temperature is 20°C to 1200°C.

     Specimen size:

    Solid rectangular cross-Section test specimens are required for the test.


    The resulting data from ASTM C1275 includes tensile strength, fracture strength, Poisson’s ratio, modulus of elasticity, modulus of resilience, and modulus of toughness.


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