Sandwich Construction Core Shear Properties ASTM C393

Sandwich Construction Core Shear Properties ASTM C393

Flexural test on flat sandwich constructions, by beam flexure, is done by ASTM C393 test method. Conditioned samples are tested in a 3-point loading fixture on a Universal Test Machine. Core Shear Ultimate Stress; Core Shear Yield Stress; Facing Stress, and the Failure mode are determined.


    Core Shear Properties by ASTM C393 test determines the flexural strength, core shear strength, and facing compressive and tensile strengths in the direction the core is positioned in structural construction. The core content types that are evaluated include continuous bonding surfaces (such as balsa wood and foams) and discontinuous bonding surfaces (such as honeycomb).

    Test Procedure:

    Conditioned samples, for the ASTM C393 test, are installed into a 3-point loading fixture on a Universal Test Machine. Then, the samples are initiated, at a specified grip separation significant enough to produce failure within 3 to 6 minutes. The standard speed of the test is 6 mm/min (0.25 inch/min). The standard loading setup is a 3-point configuration with a 150 mm (6.0 inches) support span. 

    Specimen size:

    Five rectangular samples, 75 mm (3.0 inches) 200 mm (8.0 inches) are tested at thickness during the determination of Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by ASTM C393.


    From the 3-point loading ASTM C393 test, the following calculations are done

    Core Shear Ultimate Stress
    Core Shear Yield Stress
    Facing Stress
    Failure type/mode


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