Portable Hardness Testing by UCI Method ASTM A1038

Portable Hardness Testing by UCI Method ASTM A1038

ASTM A1038 test method covers the determination of comparative hardness values of metallic elements by applying the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance Method (UCI Method). The UCI hardness tests may be used on large or small components at various locations.


    ASTM A1038 test method determines comparative hardness values by applying the Ultrasonic

    Contact Impedance Method (UCI Method) on metallic samples. The UCI hardness test can be used to take hardness measurements on positions difficult to access, such as tooth flanks or roots of gears. The ASTM A1038 hardness test is a superficial determination only for measuring the hardness condition of the surface contacted.

    Test Procedure:

    To perform ASTM A1038 hardness test, the probe is connected to the indicating unit and the
    instrument is turned on. The probe is held firmly with its axis in a perpendicular position relative
    to the test piece surface. Steady pressure is exerted against the test piece during the loading
    phase. Vertical probe position is to be maintained as long as the load is effective. Then, the
    instruments indicates the end of the measurement by an acoustic signal and display the value of

     Specimen size:

    The specimen used for ASTM A1038 hardness test, generally consist of a probe containing a rod
    with a defined indenter.


    Hardness is reported in SI units and is considered as standard.

    The error E in the performance of an UCI hardness testing relative to a standardized reference
    value, is calculated as :

    E = | 100 × ( x’ – xref. / xref. ) |


    x’ = the average of the measurements made on a standard reference block.

    xref = the certified reference hardness reported for the standard reference block.


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