Instrumented Impact Testing of Metallic Materials ASTM E2298

Instrumented Impact Testing of Metallic Materials ASTM E2298

ASTM E2298 test method establishes the requirements for performing instrumented Charpy V-notch (CVN) and instrumented miniaturized Charpy V-notch (MCVN) impact tests on metallic materials. This test provides a measurement of instrumented absorbed energy during fracture.


    Instrumented Impact Testing of Metallic Materials ASTM E2298 is a standard test technique for measuring the absorbed energy involved with fracturing CVN or MCVN specimens using test machines having a dial, optical encoder, or both. Instrumented testing allows the estimation of characteristic force, partly instrumented absorbed energy, and displacement parameters. Displacement parameters provide additional information on the fracture behavior of the tested materials (in addition to the absorbed energy).

    Test Procedure:

    ASTM E2298 involves striking a standard notched specimen with a controlled weight pendulum swung from a set height. For every specimen tested, the absorbed energy is measured on the broken samples (fractured sample) by means of a caliper. In addition, the voltage-time curve is measured and evaluated to give the force-displacement curve. Then, the force-displacement curve is evaluated with respect to the characteristic phases of the deformation and fracture stages.

     Specimen size:

    ASTM E2298 test specimen types include notch configurations such as V-Notch, U-Notch, Key-Hole Notch, and Un-notched with the capabilities of testing sub-size specimens down to ¼ size. 


    ASTM E2298 test is qualitative in nature and provides great information about the resilience properties of materials.


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