Carbon Black ASTM D1603

Carbon Black ASTM D1603

The ASTM D1603 test method is used for evaluating Carbon Black Content in Olefinic Materials. This test method is often used as a quality control measurement for black polyolefin and polyethylene.


    ASTM D1603 includes carbon black content identification in olefin plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polybutylene. Quality control measurement in olefins is done by using this test. It is not advised to use it for acrylic or other polar monomer adjustments, non-volatile pigments or fillers other than carbon black.

    Test Procedure:

    In this test, a sample of well-known mass is placed in a weighted combustion vessel. This sample is placed underneath a dry, oxygen-free purge of Nitrogen in a 600°C tube furnace. The combustion vessel with the remnants of burnt residue is cooled and measured after a certain length of time under nitrogen purge. A 600°C muffle furnace is mounted to oxidize the carbon residue. The combustion vessel is cooled and measured until the carbon is fully oxidized.

    Specimen size:

    One to a few grams


    The percent carbon black is given by the equation; (Wrt-Wrm)Ws*100

    Wrt = the mass of the residue from the tube furnace

    Wrm= the mass of the residue from the muffle furnace

    Ws= the original mass of the sample


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