ASTM E595-07 Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing

ASTM E595-07 test method determines the total mass loss, collected volatile condensable materials, and the amount of wat er vapor regained when materials are exposed to a vacuum environment. This method is applicable for various types of organic, polymeric, and inorganic materials. The SI units are considered to be the standard of measurement.... Read More

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    ASTM E595-07 test method covers the determination of the volatile content of materials when they are placed in vacuum environments. The stiffness of the material, recovery of the deformed portion, strain calculation, functioning, development, product assessment, transformation temperatures, quality control, specification acceptance, and research are dealt with in this method. This creates ease for the customer and supplier to reach an agreement. Moreover, the total mass loss and the amount of water vapor regained are also determined.


    The test apparatus is set up, and a weighed aluminum foil is placed in a storage beaker. The sample is weighed and placed in the specimen compartment. The vacuum system is then closed and evacuated. Pressure is considered, and temperature conditions are adjusted. The heater bars are cooled, and the aluminum boats with specimens are placed in desiccators. The final readings are taken on cooling the specimens. 

    Specimen Size:

    Specimen size should be as per the requirements. In this case, the length of the bar should be 650mm with a 25mm square cross-section and twelve specimen chambers. The average specimen weighs 100 to 300 mg. 


    The changes in the mass of the specimen being tested are observed when it is exposed to a vacuum environment at a temperature of 125 degrees Celsius.


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