ASTM D6979-18 Basicity in Polyols, Expressed as Percent Nitrogen

The essential components in polyols that are soluble in glacial acetic acid and reactive with perchloric acid are measur ed using this ASTM D6979-18 test procedure. This approach has been used to assess samples containing 0.3 to 10% nitrogen. The values indicated in SI units are to be regarded as standard.... Read More

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    ASTM D6979-18, Polyether polyols, and polyether polyol blends used in urethane processes can be tested using this method. This test method is appropriate for quality assurance, specification testing, and research. The results are used to estimate reactivity and are measures of batch-to-batch homogeneity. A polyol’s percent nitrogen can describe it or identify the proportions of different components in a polyol blend. If required, the data can also be expressed as equivalents of base per gram of material.


    In ASTM D6979-18, first, the Glacial acetic acid is used to dissolve the material, and the sample is adequately weighed. Then, a standardized perchloric acid solution in acetic acid is used to titrate the resulting single-phase solution to a potentiometric endpoint at room temperature. Finally, the results are presented as percent nitrogen.

    Specimen size

    Autotitrator Buret with Dosing Device, Potentiometric Automatic Titrator, 20-mL, and ​pH Glass Electrode and Reference Electrode or a Combination Glass Electrode is required.

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    S is the milliliter volume of titrant used to reach the sample solution titration’s endpoint, N is the normality of the 0.10 N perchloric acid solution in milliequivalents per milliliter, W is the weight of the sample in grams, 14.00 is the equivalent weight of nitrogen in milligrams per milliequivalent, and 1000 is the factor for converting milligrams to grams.


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