ASTM D6295-98 Test for Dispensability of Light–Duty Pressure–Sensitive Film Tape

ASTM D6295-98 test method is used to determine the force required to dispense a pressure-sensitive film tape on a 1-inc h core used in offices and stationaries. The values stated in either SI, or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard.... Read More

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    Pressure-sensitive film tapes come in roll form. Most Tape dispensers found in offices and stationaries should be able to sever these film tapes with a blade. ASTM D6295-98 test method measures the ease of this severing or dispensing of the tape. This test is suited for office and stationery; and tapes with acetate, cellophane, or light-duty plastic backings. The data from this test is used in product design and quality assurance. It can also be used in comparing different tape products on specific dispensing blades. 

    Test Procedure:

    In ASTM D6295-98 test method, test fixture containing the dispenser blade is mounted in the lower jaw of the tensile tester.  The distance between the teeth of the blade and the upper jaw should be 50 mm, measured from the tape edge, which the dispenser blade teeth will first puncture. The combination of the rate of movement of the jaw and the jaw separation from the dispensing teeth provides a strain rate of 500 %/min. The end of the tape specimen is folded over, 12 mm, to form a tab and placed in the jaw. This tab is placed in the upper jaw of the tester, making sure that it is aligned. The adhesive side of the lower portion of the specimen is adhered to the land of the blade, over the teeth of the blade, with very slight tension on the tape specimen. The stressing jaw is operated at 250 mm/min until the blade has severed the specimen. 

    Specimen Size: 

    The test specimens should be 18 mm wide and about 150 mm long. At least ten specimens are needed per roll. At least three but not more than six outer wraps from tape should be discarded from the sample roll before testing. 


    The force required to dispense film tape is reported.


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