ASTM D6290-98e1 Test for Color Determination of Plastic Pellets

ASTM D6290-98e1 is intended for the instrumental measurement of the degree of yellowness (or change of degree of yellown ess) under daylight illumination of homogeneous, nonfluorescent, nearly-colorless transparent, or nearly-white translucent or opaque plastics. The measurement is made on pellets and based on tristimulus values obtained with a spectrophotometer or colorimeter.... Read More

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    ASTM D6290-98e1 is used for making color comparisons of resins in pellet form. Pellet form because it is fast and convenient as it does not require preparation, such as molding or extruding specimens. A three-number tristimulus system is used to quantify color completely and precisely. The general method used in this procedure to measure color is the CIE Systems. This test should be used to compare specimens of similar pellet shape, size, texture, and degree of translucency. For instance, translucent disc-shaped pellets should be compared to translucent disc-shaped pellets, not with opaque, rectangular-shaped pellets. 

    Test Procedure:

    The sample cup is filled with pellets. The pellet-filled cup is placed at the sensor port for measurement. It is covered with an opaque, light exclusion device. For the Yellowness Index, the necessary readings of Tristimulus X, Y, Z are made to determine the Yellowness Index as soon as possible. 


    The average yellowness index, YI, is reported. 


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